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Welcome to the unique post-16 experience that is The Trinity Sixth Form. By working closely together the three partner schools, St John Fisher, Newcastle, St Thomas More, Longton and St Margaret Ward, Tunstall, offer you the best of both worlds- the benefits of studying in a small school sixth form where you are known, supported and cared for- and the wide curriculum offer you might expect to find in a college.

Everyone is eligible to apply to The Trinity Sixth Form, whether you’re a year 11 student in one of the partner schools or you attend a different school and just want to be part of this exciting sixth form opportunity.

Being able to draw on the experience and expertise of subject teachers across three schools means that you are guaranteed high quality teaching from staff who want to share with you their passion for their subjects. So many of our students go on to top universities; having been inspired by their A-Level teachers.

It’s not only new teachers you’ll get to know but a whole new group of friends from schools across the area, so you will benefit academically and socially! The Trinity Sixth Form experience really is great preparation for university life!

There are just two lessons per day in our sixth form, a three-hour lesson, with a break, in the morning and a two-hour lesson in the afternoon, allowing for deep learning and the development of research skills so vital for A-Level and degree level study. The fleet of Trinity minibuses travels between the three schools at lunch time, so if you have lessons in different schools, you don’t have to worry, you’ll be driven there by our friendly drivers-and for free! The minibuses can also help you with travel before and after the school day.

In whichever school you’re based, you will have a Trinity Progress Manager-an experienced sixth form leader, as well as a dedicated sixth form support worker to help and guide you on a daily basis.

In addition to the academic rigour of your subject study, you will experience a range of enrichment opportunities, including residential and university visits, careers advice, financial and independent living guidance, work experience and many other exciting and enjoyable activities.

So, continue to work hard in your GCSE’s and we look forward to meeting you soon!


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