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Mental Health: What does it mean to you?

When someone says, “I’ve been diagnosed with depression”, what do you think? Do you see them in a different way? Do you panic? Do you find it awkward? Or, perhaps, you want to help them. That’s what we want to do.

Since mid-September, when our campaign was launched, we have been trying to raise awareness about Mental Health issues ; trying to remove some of the stigma and trying to help people.

Here are some shocking statistics. One in four people over the age of fifteen will suffer from issues with mental health issues this year. That’s a quarter of the adult population – so 12.7 million people! This can range from the minor to the very serious, but we need to try and help all of these people. We cannot let people suffer in silence any more.

We, as part of our campaign, are running a presentation with the Sixth Form Society (we will be bringing cakes). We will also be running coffee mornings and selling badges to raise money for our cause. The aforementioned presentation took place on Friday the 7th November. Elizabeth O’Leary and I delivered the presentation at the Sixth Form Society in Lab 8 at lunchtime. Although some people have come and told me of their stories since then, I cannot write about them as it is confidential information.

Mental illness is very common and many people do not realise just how common it is. Many famous people, both living and dead, have and are suffering with mental illness. For example, the late (and great) Robin Williams, the wonderful Stephen Fry, the hilarious Jim Carrey, the fabulous Catherine Zeta Jones and the world famous J.K Rowling.

Many teenagers suffer in silence. With our campaign we are trying to raise awareness of the many issues people suffer with in modern society and the fact that it is a common illness and that it is nothing to be ashamed of.