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Stoke-on-Trent. “The comic capital of the World”…just kidding, it’s nowhere near as important as the almighty San Diego Comic Convention. However, surprisingly, this quaint hometown convention rustled up a large amount of attention. From towering males dressed in storm trooper outfits, to ‘kawaii’ (cute) anime cosplayers (nerds dressing up in colourful characters from stereotypical TV shows such as ‘Star Trek’). This colourful convention attracted people of many varieties to say the least.

This ‘small town’ convention started off with a monstrous queue, stretching from Staffordshire University’s Entrance right down to Hanley Town Centre! Needless to say, there was going to be quite a wait for those who didn’t pre-order tickets, (but obviously I came prepared with an indestructible entry band). But despite the wait, when I entered that wonderland of amazingness, I was instantly stunned by the audacious culture and variety within. It was a veritable feast for the eyes!

Young aspiring artists selling comics they had created themselves, famous comic icons holding ‘meet and greets’ and  fantastically varied merchandise that it was absolutely impossible to resist. Could you?! I came home with approximately three thousand badges, a humorously and fabulously geeky ‘Big Bang Theory’ T-shirt and a particularly spectacular pocket mirror, replete with original anime artwork. I honestly could not find a single fault with this set up. The only possible down side might be that I was at severe risk of coming home bankrupt due to my compulsion to want to buy everything in sight. I just didn’t have the cash. If I wasn’t a poverty-stricken student however…..

The whole experience of this convention left me in awe. It really is an experience I didn’t want to miss out on. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love being hugged by a wookie?